Hope and resilience

Hope and resilience are two of my favourites things!

Not much happens in life without them.

Early on in my writing career, my creative writing lecturer asked me about my ‘themes’. ‘No clue,’ I replied, ‘I just like writing.’ ‘Think about what you want to tell the world…’ she said. And then, just like that – I knew.

What I want to say to the world is: ‘It’s ok to struggle, it’s not ok to give up.’

O, to be an open book…

Those who know me will say I’m an open book (albeit smudged and printed very small!). I wear my heart resolutely on my sleeve and I speak my mind. There is a reason for that. In fact, two:

1 – It is healthy to share. It is healthy for me (I don’t like secrets or grudges), and it’s healthy for my relationships. Whatever your dealings with someone, I believe it is important to be authentic and bring your whole self to the table. (PS: Also, I’m too lazy to pretend to be someone else!)

2 – Openness spreads hope. I have had my share of troubles, and I’m still standing – a fact of which I am pretty proud – and I want to say to those who are still struggling, ‘It’s going to be OK, you’ll get there.’ Because there is nothing, nothing more important than hope.

Honesty is the heart of resilience, not stoicism

Many believe that resilience comes from stoicism and a stiff upper-lip. I simply don’t buy it!

Skills for resilience

Being honest with yourself about your inner struggles, calling a spade a spade, communicating with others and asking for help are skills that will over time develop resilience.

A message of hope

I write about people who lose everything and carry on, because that is the message I want to put out in the world. Even the toughest battles can be fought and won, if you dare hope.

This is what I want to give my readers: hope, encouragement and the strength to carry on.


Do everything with great love

“Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love.” Mother Teresa.

I feel an emotional attachment not only to my characters but also to my readers. I put great love into my work, and I hope that it shows.

Wherever you come from, whatever your experience, you are welcome here, so join the mailing list for freebies, leave a comment or share this website with a friend.

Happy reading,

With love,



PS: if you too believe in hope and resilience, Read a sample of Clan of the Skyriders (Book 1)


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