Dystopian fiction: the modern day fairy tale

‘The Hunger Games’, ‘Divergent’, ‘Blood Red Road‘ by Moira Young or the now classic ‘Noughts and Crosses’ by Malorie Blackman, the list could go on.

Why do young women love dystopian fiction?

These are the modern day fairytales in which young women become queens and take control of their lives in a way not yet open to them in the real world.

They present a world in which girls can be tough, heroic and still loveable, thus crushing the myth that girls have to be ‘nice’!

These stories happen in imaginary countries or cities not made to suit them – not too much of a stretch of the imagination – yet these heroines are smashing every boundary in their sights.

The myth of equal opportunities

We do not live in a world of equal opportunities for girls, especially for those who happen to be poor and/or not white. Dystopian stories highlight the unfairness of our world better than the true/fake news nexus can.

Dystopian fiction tells girls more about their real lives than chick-lit or six-pack ‘book-boyfriend’ stories.

For women to be able to contemplate a future where their strength can grow to its full measure, they need formidable foes instead of everyday faceless discrimination.

Newpapers are full of the current trend of feminist science-fiction/fantasy, because of successful multi-layered stories such as Game of Thrones, the new Wonder Woman film or the Handmaid’s Tale TV series.

Hopefully, theses stories will inspire girls and teach them they too can kill (or ride) dragons.

Where else will they see women triumphing with such gusto against those who try to keep them down?

Happy reading!

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