My book launch (or rather, shove).

Not quite a book launch, more like the shove you give a timid child at a birthday party…

Book launches are necessary evils,

You know by now how much I dislike book promoting, but needs must, and I’m having to launch the third and final book in the first Skyriders’ Trilogy.

As a result, I’m deep-end learning about MailChimp and Facebook Ads, while nursing a three-day long stress headache.

I’ve read about it, listened to a dozen Mark Dawson’s podcasts, and watched several YouTube videos, BUT I still have no clue what I’m doing. PLUS I have to spend money on it, which I find very stressful in the early-stages of my professional author career.

Many Christmas presents for my loved ones have recently gone up in flames as I (reluctantly) greenlighted yet another amateurish ad campaign.

This brings me to my second point…

But I only managed a shove.

Despite staying up til 2am last night and spending eight hours on MailChimp today, my efforts don’t quite add up to a launch.

It’s more like the gentle, embarrassed shove you give your timid child at a party to encourage them to ‘go play’, when you’re probably more nervous even than they are.

‘Go get them, Tiger!’ I whisper to my triplets as I propel them onto the Internet, where they will hopeful spread their little book wings.

For a limited time, you can buy the Skyriders Trilogy on Kindle for the price of the third book, currently 99p ($1.26). Check out the Amazon shop (paperbacks also available).

And now paracetamol and a darkened room…

With love,


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