Katniss and Arya Stark: The age of gender-equal storytelling

Hurrah! Quality storytelling is taking over our screens/book-shelves and bashing threadbare clichés of male-driven action and female helpless emoting.

We’ve come a long way,

Just watch Game of Thrones’ latest great battle, the Battle of Winterfell, and see how far we’ve come since the Lord of the Rings’ Battle of Helm’s Deep (2002). In the Peter Jackson’s Tolkien adaptation, there was not a single female fighter, and women and children cowered in caves while male characters became heroes.

Maisie Williams as Arya Stark in Season 8 of Game of Thrones (HBO)

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Valentine’s, check. Now what?

Top 12 date ideas for a whole year of romance

Full disclosure: I’m not a fan of Valentine’s. But I do love a good date night. 

Ever since a cringefest of a date, aged 20, where my then boyfriend and I sat awkwardly in a row of tables for two, I have avoided manufactured photo-opportunity romance.

I’m not fussed about big gestures, lavish gifts or super-organised surprises. On the 14th of February, like every other day, I like my husband to be nice to me, share a joke, not mention the laundry piling up, and give me a hug or two. That’s all.

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#NaughtyorNice List tag

Here are my answers to a fun seasonal tag about reading and books, created on Twitter by @JennieLy.

I was tagged by Shannon T Mc Gee (thanks Shannon!). This is my first time being tagged like this, so I hope I’ll do it right!!

Now let’s jump into it. Have you ever…

  • Received an ARC (Advance Reader Copy) and not reviewed it – NO

I don’t do many ARC, and those I do I care about, so no I’ve never not followed through.

  • Have less than 60% rating on Netgalley – ?

No idea what Netgalley is. I will go and check it out as soon as I finish this post!

  • Rated a book on Goodreads and promised a full review on your blog, but never followed through – NO

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