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The world of the Skyriders

The world of the Skyriders is our world, after the collapse of our civilisations. No more electricity, no more oil, no more industries, no more modern medicine.

Those who survived the long list of disasters that concluded the 21st century have abandoned everything that reminded them of the lost world and took refuge in the generous and cruel arms of Mother Nature.

They hunt, forage and farm. They build what they can with bare hands and simple tools. They make everything they need for the self-sufficient lifestyle that they have, by force, embraced.

But like people, always, everywhere, they love, they fight, they live and die. Their struggles are ours, but their primitive lifestyle lead them to deal with the rough and smooth of life in ways we may not expect.

Their mountainous territory is surrounded by impenetrable hedges and accessible only by air, on the backs of the giant birds the Skyriders breed.

In this splendid isolation, they lead a simple life, strictly regulated by their Clan rules.

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