My charities

I want to use this website to support a few smaller charities in order to do my bit to spread the word about the work they do.

StandAlone – family estrangement

My first choice is Stand Alone, a charity that supports people who are estranged from their family. There is a stigma attached to having no contact with your family. People assume you lack heart or are selfish. Yet it is an excruciatingly painful act of self-preservation that deserve sympathy and respect. It is means the grief of losing a loved one, plus the guilt of hurting them.

“If I cut you off, chances are you handed me the knife.”

Stand alone is always raising money, but at the moment they have this crowfunding page open. Please visit, and see the work that they do.

Girls Out Loud – mentoring for girls

I’ve been interested in Girls Out Loud for many years, and it’s been such a pleasure to see their organisation grow. I do hope they will soon start a scheme in Oxfordshire where I live.

I 100% believe mentoring young girls and preparing them for the challenges of adulthood is one of the most effective ways we can promote softer skills and equal opportunities in the workplace.

If you too are interested in help young girls steer their way through puberty and secondary education, please consider supporting them.

Go to their website here, and follow them on social media.


YoungMinds – Mental health charity Bipolar Disorder

Most mental illness sufferers start experiencing symptoms in their teens, which makes them very vulnerable to self-medicating and dangerous behaviours. Instead of suffering in silence they can access advice and care from mental health charities. The one I decided to support is YoungMinds.

Here is the link to their homepage. I spent twenty years with the nagging doubt that I might have bipolar disorder, but scared of ‘making a fuss for nothing.’ Don’t be like that. Access care.