Why I’m teaching myself Icelandic…

I love languages!

I’m French, I live and write in English, and I am ready to admit Icelandic is not an obvious choice for me. But I am an amateur linguist, and I love teaching myself about words.

I studied English, Spanish, Latin and a bit of Greek at school. (Thank you, Education Nationale!).

As a twelve year old introvert, I also taught myself some Italian – only just enough for going on holiday or reading recipes.

More recently, I dabbled with Gaelic and Welsh (unfortunately, I couldn’t get past the pronunciation pages).

Soooo…. Icelandic??

While I was dreaming up the Skyriders world, I fell in love with the idea of them having a language of their own, that none of their neighbours could understand. Continue reading “Why I’m teaching myself Icelandic…”