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The Skyriders Trilogy follows the fate of a group of fur-and-leather clad heroes struggling to survive tragedy, abuse and broken hearts in the inhospitable plains of the wild 24th century.

Book One

Aloof Hunter Efalaa Vonaborn and Chief’s son, Morgunn Ulfborn, have grown up together. When tragedy strikes, the survival of many and the fate of their Clan will depend on their choices. Will they stay and pay the price of loyalty, or leave and pay the price of love?

In a dystopian world where all traces of our civilisations have disappeared, hearts are still wild creatures needing to be tamed.

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Book Two

Outsider Sili and Steon, the Clan’s last Guardian, couldn’t have less in common.

She comes from a world he doesn’t understand; he lives in a world she despises. But her need for shelter, food and protection is so great that she has to postpone her return to the green Valley of her childhood.

When Raiders track her down, Sili’s time with the Skyriders threatens not only Steon’s well-guarded heart, but also the very existence of the Clan.

Women and men, young and old, will all need to find the Guardian within themselves in order to survive.

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Book Three

 At seventeen, Vidris is too young to be the Clan’s Bird Keeper, but now the others are dead, there’s no one else.

There’s no one to love her either, or at least not like she wants to be loved. With her well-ordered future shattered and a stunning discovery challenging everything she thought she knew, Vidris has to grow up fast.

Will Tilfinn, the intruder with the shorn head and the hungry eyes, be her chance or her downfall?

In the concluding chapter of the Skyriders Trilogy, the origins of the Clan are revealed as well as its ultimate fate.

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