10 ways Skyriders survive the winter and you can too

It’s cold outside…

This question is on my mind because I’m shivering in my office under a blanket and a quilt, and I’m writing about a massive snowstorm, while listening to blizzard soundtrack (yes, you can find anything on YouTube!).

Here are 10 ways my characters survive whatever weather I place them in. Please let me know what you think in the comments box below! Continue reading “10 ways Skyriders survive the winter and you can too”

The Skyriders’ diet

Food, the stuff of survival

Let me be clear, food is important to me! I love eating, but I also love feeding other people. So I was never going to let my characters starve…

When I started building the Skyriders’ world in my head, I spent a lot of time wondering what these poor people could eat after an earthquake destroyed their self-sufficient community.

Ever since childhood, I’ve had an affinity for foraging and picking mushrooms or berries. (I can still occasionally be spotted parking my car by the side of the road to gather fallen hazelnuts or apples!)

The Clan have a long tradition of eating wild food, and have lived off their land for centuries, hunting, gathering and farming. Continue reading “The Skyriders’ diet”